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This is a place mainly devoted to foster the knowledge of the Andalusian nature. It is my intention to add scientific info and photos, on a regular basis,  mainly on plant species from Andalusia, but also on animal and fungi species.

My fascination for the nature of Andalusia began when I started to study biology, more than twenty years ago, in 1994. Since then I have become more and more interested in the nature of this land, and more precisely in the diversity of its flora. In this sense, it has to be said that Andalusia presents a great floristic richness. Estimates are that almost 4000 vascular plant species or subspecies occur in an area of less than 88 000 km2. In this way, Andalusia represents one of the most outstanding biodiversity hotspots of the Mediterranean Basin. This floristic richness is the consequence of not only high local diversity (a large number of species sharing a common territory), but also of high regional diversity (environmental conditions and landscapes changing dramatically from one spot to another). The flora of Andalusia shows a high endemicity rate and in this sense it should be highlighted that 516 especies or subespecies are endemic, that is an endemicity rate of 13%;  however, in some places, this rate is much higher, reaching up to 36%!!. (Giménez et al., 2003).

Please feel free to visit and comment anything you want. All the photos and the information in this site are owned and written by me, except where otherwise specifically acknowledged. If you want to use any of them please contact me

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About myself

Hello to everybody!

My name is Eduardo J. León Ruiz and I am from Córdoba, Andalusia (Spain). I am a botanist with a PhD in Biology and have been working with plants for more than 15 years. I am also a self- taught photographer who enjoys taking photos of anything that catches my attention during my walks through the natural spaces of Andalusia. So, I invite to you to take a closer look to the natural “treasures” of this land.

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If you are interested in info, photos, or anything else that I can provide you with, please leave your comment, name and e-mail, and I will contact you as soon as possible.